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Eco-Committee deliver Downing Street petition

Eighteen Eco-Committee members from both the Junior and Senior schools spent a day in London where they visited the Royal Academy of Arts and the London Aquarium before delivering a petition to 10 Downing Street.

The trip started with a look around the Royal Academy of Arts to see the Eco-Visionaries exhibition – a collection of works to show how architects, artists and designers are responding today to some of the most urgent ecological issues of our times.

This was followed by a visit to the London Aquarium where the children could read more about the conservation and protection of marine wildlife, linking well with their current eco topics: marine, water and biodiversity.

Then it was on to 10 Downing Street where they handed over a petition which has been backed by children and staff at Stockport Grammar. The petition, which had over 800 signatures, is focused on reducing carbon emissions and planting trees and the Eco-Committee hope to have a response from the government in the next few months.

The travelling party also had just enough time to walk through Green Park to see Buckingham Palace and catch the end of the Changing of the Guard.

Speaking about the trip, Lower Sixth student Rabeeah-Nuur Mohammed said: “Visiting the Eco-Visionaries exhibition at the Royal Academy was an eye-opening experience that very effectively showcased the consequences and imminent dangers of the climate crisis.

“My highlight was being able to hand in our petition to 10 Downing Street, an opportunity I will always be grateful for and cherish for the rest of my life.”

Junior School teacher Miss Sarah Knowles added: “The passion and enthusiasm of the children was evident and it brought children from all ages together, exposing them to many ideas which we will continue to discuss over the next few months – providing a focus for the school to help towards gaining our Eco-Schools Green Flag Award.”

If you are interested in the work of the Eco-Committee and their work regarding working towards an environmentally-friendly school, please visit the Eco-Schools section of our website.