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Eco-conscious pupils lead the way

Junior School pupils demonstrated their desire to care for the environment by forming an Eco Committee and spreading their eco-friendly messages during Clean Air Day.

The Eco Committee, made up of pupils from across the year groups, have regular meetings where they discuss ways in which the whole school can be more environmentally friendly. They started by completing an Environmental Review of the school to begin the Eco School journey and to provide ideas of areas to focus on. This includes topics such as waste, energy and biodiversity.

Pupils designed posters about the environment and a selected few were chosen to be printed on a banner that will be displayed outside the school.

On Clean Air Day, the group set up a stall at the school gates in the morning and by the walkway at lunchtime to provide information to both pupils and parents about the importance of clean air. They spoke about the impact pollution is having and how we can make small changes to improve our local environment and they encouraged everyone to make a pledge to make cleaner air decisions – such as turning off the car engine whilst in the car park.

During lunchtime the Eco Committee spoke to fellow pupils about different forms of air pollution, offered ideas of how they and their parents could be more eco-friendly, gave stickers to pupils who made a cleaner air pledge and gave pupils the opportunity to complete a pollution-themed word search.

Speaking about why they joined the Eco Committee and Cleaner Air Day, Year Four pupil Erin R said: “I wanted to be in the Eco Committee and take part in Clean Air Day to help make the world a better place.”

Second Year Henry M commented: “I joined the Eco Committee as I try to be environmentally friendly at home and would like to do the same at school,” whilst Fifth Year Sam H added: “Joining the Eco Committee will allow me to suggest ways to encourage more wildlife around school, like birds.”

Commitment to the environment

Stockport Grammar School is committed to minimising our environmental health risk and offering our pupils, their parents and everyone who visits the school a safe and healthy space.

A number of initiatives we have undertaken to do this are:

  • Installing photovoltaic panels on our newer buildings that generate power
  • Sourcing purchases from local suppliers (where available) to minimise transport, particularly for fresh foods – for example, all of our meat comes from Marple
  • Using vegeware products in the refectory rather than plastic
  • Recycling all cardboard waste and sifting and recycling all other waste
  • Increasing the number of LEDs in the school and installing lights that turn themselves off.