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Economists trade stocks and shares with BNY Mellon

Business and economics pupils have traded stocks and shares and picked up investment tips from the Bank of New York Mellon this spring term.

Investment bankers from the BNY Mellon put our upper sixth business and economics pupils to the test when they joined us for a game of Fundopoly.

Fundopoly is played by the bank’s own employees as a training exercise and made pupils react to market forces as they bought and sold fictional stocks and shares.

We had seven teams of four pupils made up of the upper sixth economics and business classes together with members of the fourth year Share and Investment Club.

For over three hours, they traded stocks, currencies and commodities, using source material. The competition was run for six rounds and was keenly contested.

The game tested their ability to forecast and manipulate data. It also gave them opportunity to extend their leadership, communication and team work skills.

Manager, Matt Wells has also offered the fourth years a chance to visit BNY Mellon’s Manchester HQ later in the year.

The game was won by Ali Drabu, Matty Taylor, Luke Bills and Jake Humphreys, who made the biggest return on their investment.