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Junior and Senior Enterprise plus a Wembley National Final

A group of innovative pupils from Second Year will be heading to Wembley Stadium for the final of The Ryman National Enterprise Challenge while our Junior School Year Six honed their business skills with an Enterprise Day.

During the Second Year Enterprise Day, pupils were encouraged to develop ideas for a company mascot. Working together in teams, the groups needed to design, name and devise a marketing plan for their creations.

Following a busy day of work, the teams ventured to the Hallam Hall to present their amazing ideas and business strategies to the rest of the year group and a panel of expert judges.

The winning team called ‘Skylar and Ranger’ were chosen because they had made a very creative design of an alien Snapchat-themed game which aimed to increase awareness of their mascot.

They will now go on to represent Stockport Grammar School at the National Finals which are at Wembley Stadium in July.

Year Six pupils from the Junior School have also had the chance to show off their creative and innovative ideas during an Enterprise Day.

The children spent time creating a new sports kit for a sport of their choice. Whilst designing the sports kit, the teams were encouraged to take into consideration cost, target market and functionality.

The groups had great fun coming up with their logo and slogan that encompassed their brand idea.

Miss Leanne Curl, Head of Economics and Business Studies, said: “It was fantastic to see the Second Year pupils using a range of enterprise skills throughout the day. Their ideas were superb and very well thought out. It is not easy to present in front of your entire year group but every team did a fantastic job. Well done!

“The sports kits designed by the Junior School were very creative! It was great to see a wide range of sports being considered and the designs were imaginative and well thought through. I was particularly impressed with the pupils’ ability to think about realistic profit margins for their products.”