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Everest author sets creative challenge

Author Matt Dickinson

Everest summiteer Matt Dickinson took the First and Third Years on a captivating creative journey during his talks this week. 

He guarantees that whatever rating pupils give his talk, they will give the same rating to his books in the Everest Files trilogy that are inspired by his own experiences on Everest.

An Everest talk for First Years was followed by two creative writing workshops with Third Year English classes and a book signing.

Author Matt Dickinson

“If I were to climb Mount Everest, the thing I would miss the most is…” was the first question asked of the Third Years in their writing workshop with the author. With modern day necessities topping the polls such as mobile phones, Netflix and comfy beds, (as well as family and friends) pupils wrote a short piece on their chosen subject, encouraged to describe the emotions and senses they feel in order to create an exciting and interesting story.

The other task Matt set Third Years was a piece called ‘Lost in a storm’. He urged pupils to draw on their own experiences, what they know and feel passionate about, and to recognise that they do have something to say; in particular he urged pupils to feel more confident about their writing. 

Matt’s new book ‘Popcorn-Eating Squirrels of the World Unite’ is his first illustrated piece aimed at younger audiences, that stars a Popcorn addicted squirrel.

Author Matt Dickinson

In contrast to his earlier books, including The Everest Files and The North Face that cover serious subjects such as climbing, life and death situations and exploration, ‘Popcorn-Eating Squirrels…’ is a much lighter storyline but is still filled with action, adventure and excitement.