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Excitement building for High School Musical JR

This year’s Year Six Production is ‘High School Musical JR’ and the pupils are having a great time preparing for their shows.

The smash-hit movie musical, which looks at the issues of love, friends, family, lessons and co-curricular activities, features a host of infectious songs and dances that the performers will animatedly bring to life.

All of the children in the year will play a part in the two shows, which are on Wednesday 1st and Tuesday 2nd April – this could be as part of ‘The Jocks’, ‘The Thespians’, ‘The Brainiacs’, ‘The Skater Dudes’ or ‘The Adults’.

Erin R will play the ‘new girl’ Gabriella Montez; Molly M is Sharpay Evans, the President of the Drama Club, lead in every school musical since kindergarten and the most popular student; Toby G portrays captain of the Basketball team Troy Bolton; whilst Joshua M is Ryan Evans, Sharpay’s brother and Vice President of the Drama Club.

The pupils have been working hard rehearsing their lines and routines in a series of after school sessions and we can’t wait to see what they have in store.

Speaking about being involved, Erin said: “I was really excited to get the role because I didn’t expect to get such a big part. I am excited about the show, it is going to be really good!”

Molly added: “I was happy to get the role of Sharpay as there were a lot of good people who auditioned. I was a little nervous as there are a lot of lines and Sharpay has loads of expressions and the way she acts is interesting but I think I have got it.”

Toby said: “I was a little nervous when I was chosen to be Troy as there is a lot of script to learn but I am really happy.”

Joshua concluded: “Rehearsals have been really good – we have definitely progressed from when we first started. I am really excited about the show because we have been practising so hard. The dancing and singing are coming together and I think everyone is going to enjoy it.”