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Expert musical tuition rings true

First Year Musicians perfoming

First Year pupils got the chance to demonstrate newly acquired instrumental skills as part of our school wide programme to provide every child with the opportunity to learn an instrument. 

The First Years have been receiving expert tuition in a range of instruments and performed in front of their classmates. They will move on to lessons in other instruments after half term, with encouragement to continue with one-to-one tuition in instruments they have enjoyed.

Junior Instrument Introductions

At Stockport Grammar, pupils have the chance to learn a musical instrument or to train as a vocalist with individual tuition throughout their school life. With opportunities in oboe, clarinet, saxophone, flute, cello, guitar, double-bass and more, starting from Junior School our pupils are encouraged to explore different instruments, sounds and techniques before choosing which is for them. We have a large collection of instruments that can be borrowed for beginners’ lessons.

First Year Musicians Performing

Whether your child is interested in woodwind, brass, strings or vocals, we have a comprehensive range of activities, clubs and performances for them to join. From orchestras and vocal clubs to big band and from individual music performances to big stage productions, our Music Department encourages and promotes talent across all areas of music. In recent years, our musicians have performed in many prestigious venues such as St. Mark’s Cathedral, Venice; Cologne Cathedral; St George’s Church; the University of Cambridge; and Heaton Mersey Youth Festival. In collaboration with the Drama Department they have also created a whole range of magical and inspiring productions such as Annie.

Annie 2017

We have a significant number of pupils who have attained grade 8 and beyond. Many of our former pupils have gone to on to study music at the Royal Academy of Music in London and prestigious universities, including Cambridge. Music Scholarships can be given at 11+ and some music bursaries to cover the cost of instrumental lessons are available to current pupils who show a particular aptitude and potential for music, and to those who are willing to consider instruments which are less popular but have a significant role in band or orchestra.

Instrumental tuition is available on all of the following instruments:

Strings Violin
Double Bass
Viola Electric Guitar
Woodwind Flute
Bassoon Saxophone Clarinet
Brass Trumpet
Baritone Horn
Tenor Horn
French Horn
Other Piano
Singing (Vocals)
Jazz Piano
Organ Percussion