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First Years experience French culture in the summer sun

First Year French linguists enjoyed a trip to France where they had the opportunity to speak the language and experience the local culture.

After travelling by coach via the Eurotunnel, the group arrived at Le Pré Catelan, their accommodation in the small seaside resort of Hardelot.

The next day the children were taught, in French, how to make croissants and sampled some of their tasty creations before heading to Boulogne-Sur-Mer. In the city, known as a major fishing port, they completed a town trail around the old walled centre and did some shopping before heading to a snail farm where they saw how snails are bred and then tried some. Most pupils liked the taste and asked for more! The evening activities included crêpe making and games.

On the third day of the trip, the pupils walked along the coast to the World War Two bunkers before spending some time paddling in the sea and taking part in a sandcastle competition. They then went to Hardelot to practise their French by interviewing locals on the street before enjoying ice-cream and visiting a biscuit factory.

On the final day, the pupils roamed around the Nausicaa Sea Life Centre in Boulogne-Sur-Mer where they spotted crocodiles, penguins, turtles, sharks and sea lions and explored the exhibitions.

The action-packed educational trip came to a conclusion as they boarded the ferry home.

Pupil Lucia Smart said: “The trip was fun. We enjoyed a scavenger hunt activity around the beach which required us to speak to local people to work out the clues and this really helped my French speaking skills – using what we had learnt in lessons and also learning new words which we sometimes had to check with our teachers. I really enjoyed the trip to the Sea Life Centre – it was amazing and really big with a huge variety of creatures.”

Sachin Gholkar added: “I got to speak French quite a lot during the trip, especially when doing the survey. I understood all of the answers I was given and it helped to build on what I have learnt in class. My favourite bit of the trip was eating snails – they were very salty! And I enjoyed going to the beach as well as it was really hot.”

Jack Rafter concluded: “I liked going to the aquarium and the beach. I would definitely recommend the trip to other pupils as I got to do stuff that I had not done before and to speak French most days.”