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Friendships forged on First Year residential

First Year pupils enjoyed getting to know their classmates and making new friends on their residential trip to Ilam Hall in Derbyshire.

The boys and girls explored the gardens and grounds of Chatsworth House, discovering the impressive sculptures and visiting the farm before arriving at Ilam Hall to compete in House teams in the Great Egg Drop challenge.

Their second day involved a walk through Dovedale and up Thorpe Cloud, and all pupils showed enthusiasm and true grit as they headed off into the elements, working up a good appetite for the evening meal back at the Hall.

Their final day, including a visit to Poole’s Cavern or the Heights of Abraham, saw them arrive back at school tired, muddy, in the company of new friends and full of great stories of their adventures.

Sami Sen:

“The best part of this trip was climbing up a hill and having an amazing view of the green fields. It was good fun climbing up it and it felt good to achieve it.”

Zack Waterhouse:

“Before we went to the hostel we went to the most beautiful house I had ever been to; it’s garden must have stretched on and on for miles.”

Mia Bardsley:

“We have just come back from the first residential trip of the year and it was absolutely amazing. Every single activity was so fantastic and fun and everyone was full of zest and enthusiasm.”

Kimberley Nguyen:

“The next day we walked up a massive mountain, which was scary, I was proud of myself for achieving it because I am scared of heights.”

Elsa Mullins:

“The adventure playground was so fun, we went on a trampoline, a zipwire, a climbing frame and other fun things!”

Thomas Morrison:

“The Illam trip had many exciting moments, the best of which had to be climbing a mountain. It was technically a hill although it felt like a mountain!”

Charli Barnett:

“Lots of people overcame their fears or things they were really nervous of, I over came mine; I was nervous of sleeping away from home and I’m scared of heights.”

Steven Monk:

“My favourite bit of the trip was bonding together, we got to know each other’s names and were very friendly to each other.”

Lucia Smart:

“Tuesday was the best day because we all did an amazing scenic walk up a mountain. It was so beautiful when you got to the top. I think everyone was tired after walking but the achievement felt great.”

Anna Stevens:

“On the first day, we went to Chatsworth Park where we went exploring and finding things in the park like the grotto, lake and maze. Then we went to the farm where we held guinea pigs!”