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GCSE geographers explore North West landscapes

Pupils studying Geography for GCSE have headed out on field trips to urban and rural locations around the North West to collect data.

Fifth Year pupils visited inner city Manchester and the new Central Business District to survey the characteristics of both of those sections of the eastern side of the city.

The group gathered data about land use and environmental quality in Miles Platting, Ancoats, the Northern Quarter and Exchange Square.

Social inequality in redeveloped parts of the city, such as Ancoats, has come under major scrutiny in the run up to December’s election so the timing of the trip, and the area of study, has coincided well with the political ramifications that local issues have on national processes.

In the year group below, Fourth Years tackled the elements in the Peak District, beneath Kinder Scout mountain, in order to collect data for their rivers field work.

They gathered information to help them work out river discharge and the likelihood and impact of flooding along tributaries of the River Noe (Edale) and Derwent (Matlock) in Derbyshire.

This study has been very apt due to the recent serious flood events in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire – Matlock being one of the towns experiencing major impacts.

The pupils established that factors in the upper course of the Derwent drainage basin caused increased discharge around towns, like Matlock, further downstream.