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GCSE Results 2020: 76% of grades at 9, 8 and 7

GCSE Results Day 2020 - eight students with their results

Congratulations to our GCSE students on their exceptional academic achievement. Over 27% of the grades are at the top mark of 9, with 76% at 9, 8 and 7.

Dr Paul Owen, Headmaster, said: “I am delighted by the success of our talented pupils which has given them an excellent foundation for further study. These splendid results reflect the hard work of pupils and teachers over a considerable period of time and I am so proud of the pupils’ determination and resilience over the last few months. We look forward to welcoming back the large majority of our pupils into the Sixth Form at SGS.’

This morning we caught up with some of the students as they collected their results:

Isabel Marshall is “very happy” with straight 9s across all her ten subjects. For Isabel, friends are one of the highlights of SGS: “They are always very positive”. A-levels in Maths, Physics, Psychology and Geography will follow in the SGS Sixth Form and Isabel also plans to take on the challenge of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold award. Isabel has been a keen member of Climbing Club from First Year.

Isobel Gardner is “delighted” with her 11 GCSEs, with nine 9s and two 8s – including Greek which she took as a co-curricular GCSE. Isobel takes part in Gardening Club, Eco-Schools, School Council and debates. She said: “The teachers really care and put in the extra time to help you and there are lots of activities to get involved in”. She is looking forward to A-levels at SGS in Latin, Maths, Chemistry and Biology.

Joseph Farrelly is “really pleased and feeling happy” with his seven 9s, three 8s and a 7. He said: “So many teachers have inspired me at SGS, it’s been great”. Joseph is looking forward to A-levels at SGS in English Literature, History, Maths and Economics. He has got involved in lots of sport at SGS – athletics, basketball, table tennis, swimming, climbing and football. Remote co-curricular activities during lockdown brought different opportunities with a Shakespeare drama project.


Jess Horsford was delighted to receive straight 9s in her ten subjects. She said: “My friends and my teachers have encouraged me”.

A-levels at SGS in the three sciences and Maths are next for Jess who hopes to study Medicine at university. Hockey, Climbing Club, school music groups, the Duke of Edinburgh Award and Chemistry CREST club have kept Jess busy alongside her studies.

Arshia Naghavi is feeling “very good” with five 9s, four 8s and one 7 in his ten GCSEs. A-levels in Chemistry, Maths, Biology and Economics are next at SGS for Arshia for whom “talking to people and friendships” are a highlight at SGS where he is also a member of Chess Club.

Emily Edwards, a hockey player on the National Wales team and SGS hockey team is ‘very happy’ with her results. Having received 10 GCSEs including a 9 at PE, she said: “I worked hard for my GCSEs and I’m pleased that my results show this. I’m proud of all my results especially PE which was my favourite subject. I’m looking forward to studying A-levels in PE, Psychology, Business Studies and Biology at SGS.

“Mr Kennedy and Mr Smith really inspired me because they took the time to support me when I found something challenging.”

Praising SGS Computer Science teacher Mr Clarke, Joel Hotham told us that his results were better than he expected. He achieved ten GCSEs including four 9s in Biology, Design Technology, Maths and Physics and four 8s.

He added: “I strived for excellence in my GCSEs and I’m really pleased – I even got 9s. I can now go on to study the subjects I really enjoy and feel good at including Maths. Whilst at SGS I’ve made really good mates and had fun playing on the football team.”

Keen dancer Phoebe Kelly-Cooper will be joining the Sixth Form at SGS after receiving her GCSE results, including eight at 8s and 7s. She commented: “I worked hard for my GCSEs and my results in some subjects were even better than I hoped for. I’m looking forward to studying Business, Psychology, Art and Economics at SGS. It will be good to continue learning with my friends and as part of the SGS community.”

All of Mia Hutchinson’s nine GCSEs were at 9, 8 and 7 and she said: “The teachers at SGS are really supportive”. A-levels in Biology, English Literature, Psychology and Geography will follow at SGS for Mia who is a keen member of the netball and athletics teams.

Ziam Malik commented: “I am so happy with my results because I worked hard and feel that’s reflected in the results. My friends have made my time at SGS really fun. Whilst I’ve been here I’ve also taken part in a number of the Muslim Assemblies which was a great experience.”

After receiving nine GCSEs including a 9 in Chemistry, 9 in Biology and an 8 in Physics, he will be going on to study Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology at SGS’s Sixth Form. “My Physics teachers have been so helpful, particularly when I struggled a bit in the Third Year, but their help means that I’ve done well and can go on to study it at A-level.”

SGS Netball player Lizzie Griffiths exclaimed: “I’m shocked but in a good way” as she opened her GCSE results today. She achieved nine GCSEs including a 9 in Maths and seven 8s and 7s.

“I like the feel of a community at SGS so I’m going to continue at the Sixth Form here to study Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Psychology. Playing sport at SGS has been great and I would like to thank Miss Higgins who helped inspire me to do well – she’s an icon.”

Adam Murray is “really happy” with his four 9s, three 8s, a 7 and a 6. He is looking forward to starting new subjects in SGS Sixth Form – Philosophy, Psychology, Economics and Business. Highlights at SGS include performing in school plays like ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and kayaking on the school trip to France as well as “having a really good group of friends that it’s good to spend time with”.

Daniel Atanasov said “I’m always eager to do well” and his eleven GCSEs including seven 7s have him all set for his A-levels at SGS in Maths, Physics, Business and Design Technology. He is looking forward to the India trip in Sixth Form for which he has been saving hard. As well as studying, Daniel has been busy with SGS co-curricular: he was selected early for the Sixth Form football team and has also been enjoying Maths and Physics competitions, and extra Design Technology after school. He wanted to thank his teachers, particularly his Form Tutor Miss MacDonald and Deputy Head Mr Bowles.

Olivia Patton-Lane’s results have set her up well for her SGS A-level studies in Art in which she got a 9, Chemistry an 8, and Biology a 7 plus a new subject for Sixth Form, Psychology. Olivia said: “The teachers have inspired me, they are passionate about their subjects. I love sport at SGS, especially netball and athletics.”

Iman Nazir is excited to start studying A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, Geography and History at SGS following her GCSE results. “Biology and Chemistry will help me to follow a career path in dentistry whilst the other two subjects are just ones I really enjoy. I’m just so happy today.”

Lucy Dale told us that the support of her friends at school helped inspire her at GCSE and she has lots of fun memories at SGS. “I will now be joining the Sixth Form at SGS to study Chemistry, Psychology, Maths and PE. I’m looking forward to focussing on the subjects I like lots.”

Finn Morton was really happy with his results after receiving nine GCSEs including a selection of 8s and 7s. He will be studying Maths, Psychology and English at SGS Sixth Form and hopes to follow a career in engineering one day.

“I would like to thank my Physics teacher Dr Paul Owen, he was such an inspiration during my GCSEs always being there to help out or answer my questions. I like SGS, my mates are good and I’ve had fun playing centre back on the school football team.”

Abid Rahman received nine GCSEs including 9s in Design Technology and Latin and will be going on to study Classics, Biology, Chemistry and IT at A-level. “I feel great today, my results were really good. All my teachers helped inspire me to do well. I liked that I could take part in lots of different clubs at SGS from Rugby to Chemistry Club. I’m excited to continue doing subjects I’m passionate about at A-level.”