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German Exchange a fascinating experience for pupils

German Exchange Pupils 2019

Fifth Year linguists had a wonderful week exploring Bad Segeberg, the city of Hamburg and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Lübeck with their German exchange partners.

The group of pupils made their way to Manchester Airport to fly to Hamburg. Once they’d landed in Hamburg, the group took a coach to Bad Segeberg to meet their German hosts.

German Exchange 2019

Over the weekend, the pupils spent their free time with the host families which gave them the opportunity to improve their German conversational skills, visit local attractions and experience the local customs and cuisine.

Following on from the weekend, the German and English partners ventured to the nearby city of Hamburg where the pupils enjoyed a delicious trip to the city’s chocolate museum.

After sampling the tasty chocolate, the pupils then made their way to the Elbharmonie Concert Hall for a tour. Located in the historic Sandtorhafen district, the concert hall is now one of the largest and acoustically most advanced concert halls in the world.

The next day of the exchange trip saw the group travel to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Lübeck. To get to the world famous site, pupils took the public bus which gave them the opportunity to test out their linguistic skills.

Chocolate demonstration

Once they’d arrived, the group spent an interesting and enjoyable few hours at the site which is covered with Gothic architecture and is perhaps most well-known for the ‘seven towers’ that scatter its skyline.

On the penultimate day, the pupils stayed in the town of Bad Segeberg to meet the local council representative at the town hall.

The travelling group spent the final day with their German exchange partners to experience a last few lessons in a German school before the coach picked them up to return to Hamburg Airport for their flight home.

Mrs Linda Morgan, who organised the trip, said: 

“We had lovely weather and the pupils had great fun but it was also successful linguistically as their comprehension improved enormously in just one week. The areas that surprised them most were those relating to school and meals – they noticed significant differences between English and German culture here.”

Pupils saying goodbye

The outing was the return trip for our pupils, who had previously hosted our German friends towards the end of 2018.