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Grasmere adventure amazes Year Three

Year Three pupils have been studying Grasmere in their Humanities lessons and were excited to see the village on their annual trip to the Lake District.

The boys and girls arrived in the scorching sunshine in time for a picnic lunch before they headed off on a tranquil cruise along the picturesque waters of Lake Windermere.

After a forty minute journey, they disembarked and visited the Lakes Aquarium where they were guided through the continents and learnt about the abundance of life inhabiting each region.

Whilst in the aquarium, they came to face-to-face with British sharks, inquisitive rays, piranhas, blind cave fish, paca, a pigmy marmoset and a red eyed tree frog. The boys and girls were squealing with laughter as they watched the mischievous and playful otters at feeding time!

Whilst in Grasmere, they also visited the Wordsworth daffodil garden, the graves of the Wordsworth family and followed a trail around the village itself to find out all about the facilities and sample the now famous gingerbread!

During the expedition, the spectacular waterfall, scenery and unusual ‘money trees’ at the National Trust Park, Aira Force, also amazed our travellers.

Pupil Daniel Storey liked the animals and said: “My favourite was the leaf cutter ants,” whilst Maya Gholkar and Archie Maughan commented: “We loved holding the African land snail.”

Ted Deans was blown away by the food as he stated: “Grasmere has the best gingerbread!”