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Hands-on York residential for Year Four pupils

Year Four pupils experienced life as a Roman soldier on their residential trip to York.

The eager boys and girls donned Roman tunics to practise being guards and improved their javelin throwing and sword skills. The group then made a Roman soldier’s oil lamp and wrote in Latin.

The soldier training set the pupils up well when a Celt came to try and raid their fort and they performed the testudo to send the invader packing!

After a run around York Racecourse, the travelling party enjoyed a delicious tea before playing Roman board games and making model Roman catapults using lollipop sticks in the evening.

After a good night’s sleep and a full cooked breakfast, the pupils were ready to tackle the activities at the Yorkshire Museum.

The boys and girls participated in a Pre-History workshop where they handled artefacts from the Stone Age; wove a blanket; made coins; created a cave painting; made a small pot and a Stone Age hut; and painted their faces before telling stories around the fire to celebrate a successful hunt.

Finally, the group had the opportunity to look around the rest of the museum and follow the Prehistoric Progress Trail and the Roman Gallery Trail, answering questions and looking at the artefacts on display.

Pupil Poppy D said: “The trip was good to get a feeling for what life was like in those times. I enjoyed dressing up as a Roman and seeing how hard they trained. We also saw a piece of Stone Age hair in the Yorkshire Museum which was a bit weird but cool.”

Jack P noted: “I found it interesting learning about Roman board games – one of them was quite similar to noughts and crosses.”

Minnie H added: “I enjoyed the workshop in the museum as we got to paint our faces and try on their helmets. Making the cave paintings was really cool because when the flint hit the card it created rainbow colours!”

Jack H concluded: “I learnt about how much the Romans and Celts did not like each other and it was fun to play with the shields.”