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Holocaust memorial day marked by Junior School pupils

Pupils during Holocaust memorial day

Boys and girls from year five headed across to the Senior School on Thursday to help mark Holocaust memorial day.

Having contributed material towards the school’s Holocaust memorial exhibition in History classes, pupils had the chance to see their work on display before taking part in a lesson led by Mr Alex Ehegartner, Senior School Life Studies teacher, on the topic of questions of identity.

During the lesson, the children were asked to consider whether they were optimistic or pessimistic people, and how that related to Anne Frank’s outlook on life, as well as discussing tolerance, love, acceptance and world issues.

Later, pupils attended a matinee performance of the Classics department’s production of Trojan Women. Performed by pupils from the lower sixth form, references to the Holocaust were included in the script of the Greek tragedy to allow the play to be used as a means of exploring wider themes.