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Innovative teaching inspires EYFS pupils

This week our Early Years Foundation Stage pupils have had lots of fun learning about a range of topics in a number of innovative ways.

Pre-Reception boys and girls put their wellies on as they went for a walk on the school fields to learn about Harvest. After a talk from Mrs Hampson about the importance of Harvest and the job that a famer does, they left their classroom and navigated their way around the Biology building and the all-weather pitch before reaching the tractor that the Grounds team use for maintaining the fields. Whilst at the tractor they talked about the size of the wheels, the steering wheel and gears and about all of the things that the tractor could tow behind it.

They also walked further out into the school field to look at the trees and observe the trains trundling past to Woodsmoor Station.

In the classroom, Pre-Reception and Reception were visited by Senior School Music teacher Mrs Matthews who has been teaching them more about the subject by getting them on their feet and teaching them songs and actions.

The year groups loved moving to the beat and rhythm of the music and it is clear that they have a burgeoning passion for music. Mrs Matthews’s visits are part of SGS’s whole school approach to Music and about starting pupils’ musical journeys right from the start of their time at the school through to when they leave after A-Level.

Reception pupils welcomed family members into class for a Phonics ‘Stay & Play’ session after they were invited in to watch a lesson and play some phonics based games to help understand how their children are learning to read and write at school.

In RC Mrs Coulson introduced a new sound and pupils learnt how to say and write it. They then went on to read some words and play the ‘Generation Game’ where children and parents were asked to remember several pictures and then try and write down what they saw.

In RB the pupils played interactive games – the ‘Catch Them Out’ game and the ‘Found It’ game – for reinforcement of sound recognition and pronunciation. They then had a go at writing the new sound using their bodies, their magic pens and a whiteboard. The boys and girls also looked at the sound in words and reinforced sounding and blending skills to read and then to write words using the new sound.