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Inspiring Teaching – in school and at home

Over the last few weeks we have been delighted to welcome our Pre-Reception, Reception, Year 1, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils back to school. Our Senior School Fourth Years and Lower Sixth are now also enjoying sessions in school to supplement the programme of remote learning that continues for other year groups.

SGS teachers have been using the latest technology to provide engaging and inspiring remote lessons. The latest Junior School newsletter is full of updates and here we’ve brought together a selection from the Senior School.

Can I pass on our heartfelt thanks for all the wonderful lessons and support both our children have received during ‘lock down’. We have been absolutely delighted with the whole package from Google Meets, lessons, form time, our girls have been phenomenally supported – simply great!’ [Parent]

Whether through Google Meets, Google Classroom, Satchel One, the Pupil Portal, email, social media or another teaching aid, pupils have access to a wide range of resources.

One of the platforms teachers have been using to show pupils work that they would usually be doing in a classroom is videos. Be they science experiments, cooking demonstrations, sporting challenges or musical performances, our departments have created appealing and educational content for SGS pupils.

Here is a selection:


Physics teachers, including Miss Moore, Mr Shaw and Head of Department Mrs Fenton, have filmed a number of demonstrations in the labs.

Topics include:


Head of Chemistry Dr Glarvey has conducted some informative experiments in the lab.

These include experiments on:


Director of Music Mr Dow has joined up with a number of pupils to produce some stunning virtual music performances while the Music department has also been conducting online ensembles.

Physical Education and Sport

The Physical Education and Sport department have been setting a host of tasks for SGS’ Sports Fitness Challenges.

The tasks, which have been created by teachers, Old Stopfordians, pupils and figures from the sporting world, have been produced to encourage pupils to stay active and healthy whilst at home.

Some of the challenges so far are:

Food and Nutrition

Miss Hodkinson, the Head of Food and Nutrition, has created some videos of cooking demonstrations for her classes.

Demonstrations so far have included how to make:


Head of Art Mr Davies has created a time-lapse video for Third Years as they work from a Peter Randall-Page walnut study.

Design Technology

Design Technology teacher Mr McKinna-Whitby has done a short demonstration on how to use a piercing saw.

Other departments

As well as the ones mentioned above, many other departments have been utilising video technology to aid pupils’ learning.

These have included the Mathematics department creating Countdown-style challenges and the Geography department going on virtual field trips.