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Junior School Redevelopment

The Junior School building has undergone a number of impressive redevelopments and improvements over the past few months.

Thanks to an extension to the front of the building, the changing rooms will double in size before being fully kitted out and ready to use.

The pupils are very excited about this improvement, especially as they are able to see work in progress thanks to a number of viewing portholes.

They have also been visited by Site Manager Phil during an assembly during which he happily answered the plentiful questions from the intrigued children.

The hall – which hosts assemblies, visiting speakers, authors, theatre companies and indoor sports and activities such as dance and yoga – has also been refurbished.

The Quad, which a number of classrooms look out on, has had a makeover – supported by a donation by the Stopfordian Parents’ Association. It has been landscaped with artificial lawns that will provide an all-year-round play surface for pupils.

Finally, the start of term saw the completion of an entirely new roof for the main building and the removal of large quantities of scaffolding which had enveloped the Junior School throughout the vacation.

The school is looking to ensure that all of their new buildings are as eco-friendly as possible, starting with an eco-cabin for the builders which harvests rain and uses solar power.