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Lower school theatre production raises money for Stockport homeless charity

Drama pupils perform in Homeless

Audiences gathered underneath the school’s entrance archway on two evenings last week for Homeless, a lower school theatre production devised and performed by pupils in aid of the Wellspring, a resource centre for homeless and disadvantaged people in Stockport.

Created over one weekend, Homeless gave the cast the chance to flex their creative muscles and to learn about the issues of homelessness, as well as the opportunity to raise money for charity.

The performance provided a moving and provocative evening of drama, with the atmosphere greatly enhanced by the venue. With the piece being staged outside, the audience were not only moved by the focused and passionate performances of the cast, but the wind and rain added to the ambience and allowed all involved to reflect on what it really must like to be homeless.

The success of the performance was down to the imagination and commitment of the 30 pupils involved. Not only did they work tirelessly throughout the weekend, but they responded to the workshops led by Drama teacher Mrs Alison Moffatt with maturity and originality which allowed them to see past the stereotypes of homelessness in order to create a montage drama that highlighted many of the less obvious issues.

Over £400 was raised for the Wellspring by the project and thanks must go to all pupils, parents and staff who performed, helped or donated.