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Mathematics adds up to success

Maths Challenge Participants

Every year Stockport Grammar Senior School hosts an exciting maths challenge for the Year 6 pupils from the Junior School to test their mathematical knowledge in a series of fun quizzes.

This year’s Junior School Maths challenge was won by Vernon House with 384 points as they saw off the challenge of Arden (2nd), Warren (3rd) and Nicholson (4th) Houses.

Maths Challenge

There were 3 rounds: the first was a series of mathematical problems for the children to solve in their groups of four. The second round was called the ‘group relay’ where each question was reliant on the previous question’s answer. The final round required the teams to work in twos, relaying questions back and forth against the clock. 

Maths Challenge Winners

The winning team were awarded certificates and a Brain Box Maths cube game to mark their achievements. This year it was “Team 11” who emerged victorious. The team consisted of Christian Woodworth, Ali Raza, Owen Morriss and Leon Porter from Vernon House.

The winners from Vernon House were:

  • Christian Woodworth
  • Ali Raza
  • Owen Morriss
  • Leon Porter
  • Thomas Alexander
  • Hari Sen
  • Ronan Breen
  • Tom Woodside
  • James Petch
  • Tabby Bloor
  • Lily Courtney
  • Thomas Carter
  • Mathew Ediker
  • Luca Golden
  • Abigail Sullivan
  • Lily Noone
  • Noor Farooq
  • Mia Brown
  • Eiliya Noman
  • Bella Clark

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all the pupils who really embraced team spirit throughout the competition, working together to get the best possible results.