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More Model United Nations success for sixth form pupils in Bath

Pupils at Kingswood School MUN conference

Pupils from the sixth form enjoyed yet more Model United Nations success earlier this month at a conference held at Kingswood School in Bath.

At an MUN conference, participants research given nations before taking on roles as that country’s diplomats and then debating and developing solutions to world problems. Representing Turkmenistan, Israel and Brazil, our pupils debated issues including the situation in Myanmar, the conflict in Gaza and how to solve the Aids crisis.

After an enjoyable and intellectually stimulating weekend, Stockport Grammar School’s Turkmenistan delegation were commended, with individual commendations being awarded to Jack Maclaren, Will Sheard, Rob Samarji, Jamie Webb, Laura Simpson, Anirudh Mandagere, and Alastair Watts.

On returning to school, Miss Esther Spence, who led the trip, said:

With 151 countries represented at the conference, it was a real achievement for our pupils to be recognised for their debating skills. Some of the committees contained over one hundred debaters and the standard was very high.

Over the past few years, the school’s MUN team have attended conferences hosted by schools in Belfast, Dublin, Bath, Paris, Genoa, Yale University and St Petersburg, while earlier last year, Stockport Grammar played host to its own highly successful MUN conference.