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Old Stops catch up in London

Old Stopfordians, Governors, staff and guests attended this year’s London event for Old Stops, held at The Churchill War Rooms on Tuesday 9th May. 

Hidden right in the heart of Westminster, the preserved underground site is where Winston Churchill and his War Cabinet led Britain and the allies to victory during the Second World War.

The sell-out event commenced with a drinks reception and a welcome from the Headmaster in the historic Harmsworth Room, featuring the stunning backdrop of a 1940s electric generator packed with LEDs, switches and dials. Old Stops enjoyed exclusive access to the venue and explored the museum with audio guides. Guests were able to see where Churchill and his War Cabinet made their momentous decisions and look at the Map Room which has remained as it was since the lights were switched off in 1945, as well as entry to the Churchill Museum which tells the story of Churchill’s 90-year life.

More photos from the evening can be viewed on our Old Stopfordians Facebook page.

The evening followed the success of last year’s event at the Houses of Parliament as part of the school’s celebration of the 100th anniversary of the move to our Hallam site. The evening was a fantastic opportunity for Old Stops to catch up with old friends and former classmates, and to network with fellow Old Stops in the iconic location.

We would love to hear from you if you have a suggestion on a possible venue for next year’s London event. You can get in touch by emailing