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OSA Dinner 2017

73 Old Stopfordians, Governors and guests attended the annual Old Stopfordians’ Association Dinner in the Hallam Hall on Friday 17th March, capping off a thoroughly enjoyable day which began with the Founder’s Day Service at St George’s Church.

The event is the perfect opportunity for Old Stops to catch up with old friends and former fellow classmates, and is organised each year by the OSA Committee.

After guests had been treated to a delicious three course meal, the Loyal Toast was proposed by the OSA President, Mr David Garrett (OS 1981). Mr Stuart Helm (OS 1964) continued the toasts in dedication to Stockport Grammar School and the Pious Founder in which he highlighted the political achievements of the School’s founder, Sir Edmund Shaa. Mr Helm emphasised that Sir Edmund Shaa’s position as Lord Mayor of London coincided with a turbulent time for the Monarchy, and his rising fortune enabled his generosity to found Stockport Grammar School.

Senior School Headmaster, Mr Andrew Chicken, responded by acknowledging that Shaa’s legacy lives on through the hard work of the pupils, and that the school continues to provide a learning environment that benefits children in the local community and the education sector as a whole.

Mr Helm then raised a toast to the Old Stopfordians’ Association and the President, with a response from Mr Garrett who welcomed the incoming OSA President Mr Tim Stretton (OS 1982). He went on to talk about his personal recollections of school, and by exploring previous editions of the school’s newsletter, The Stopfordian, on the digital archive website, also highlighted memories shared by many of those present.

Would you like to get involved in next year’s Dinner?

The Dinner is organised by the Old Stopfordians’ Association. If you are an Old Stopfordian interested in assisting with or attending next year’s event please contact the External Relations Department at Stockport Grammar School, at