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Physics pupils have a great time in Geneva

Physicists visited CERN and the Palais des Nations on an enjoyable, educational and eye-opening trip to Geneva, Switzerland.

At CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, pupils were able to observe the daily running of the centre, learn about the exciting projects that are carried out and have a tour of the facilities, which even included crossing the border into France!

In the afternoon the pupils enjoyed a stroll around Lake Geneva before cooling down in the 30 degree heat by getting close to the city’s landmark water jets which send water 140 meters high!

For dinner the boys and girls enjoyed a typical Swiss meal with three courses of fondue and traditional Swiss music. Everyone had a go at blowing an alphorn whilst some tested their vocal cords as they tried yodelling!

The pupils were impressed with both the beauty and the history of the Palais des Nations as they visited the United Nations’ office. Sitting in front of a microphone in an empty conference room, the pupils could vividly picture diplomats from all over the world – representing every culture and advocating many very different ideas – coming together in one place and putting aside their differences.

After a delicious lunch in the UN canteen, the pupils went on a relaxing bus tour around the city centre and sampled some ice-cream in the beautiful sunny weather.

Lower Sixth pupil Elena Varadé García enjoyed the trip and was impressed by CERN: “I was surprised to find out that it is not mainly physicists who work at CERN, in fact most of the staff are engineers and IT technicians who make sure all the machines run smoothly and work tirelessly to improve the way things are done and devise new technology to help us discover more about our world’s past, present and future.”