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Practically perfect, it’s Mary Poppins!

Mary Poppins and Bert

Year Six pupils treated audiences to two supercalifragilisticexpialidocious performances of Disney’s Mary Poppins at the yearly Spring Term production.

Mary Poppins and the Banks Children

The audience was entertained with a truly fabulous performance – with a full cast including statues, honey bees, strollers, passer-bys, kite flyers, chimney sweeps and vagrants, buskers and policemen and clerks and customers, everyone had a part to play.

The story, set in Edwardian London, follows the Banks family who are in need of a new nanny after their current au pair leaves following yet another escape by the Banks children  Jane, played by Lily Brown, and Michael, played by Finn.

After many failed interviews with stern and sour-faced nannies, a strange wind brings in Mary Poppins, played by Abigail Sullivan, floating down from the sky using her magical umbrella.

The children then embark on a number of magical adventures with Mary including a ride on enchanted carousel horses and a tea party on the ceiling.

Mr Banks, the children’s father, is a no-nonsense character who quickly becomes annoyed at the household’s cheery atmosphere and threatens to fire Mary Poppins. Poppins instead convinces Mr Banks, played by Oliver Feehan, to take the children to work with him, where Michael can invest his tuppence into a savings account. After an altercation with the staff, Michael not wanting to invest his hard earned money, the children flee into East End London, where they thankfully bump into Mary’s old friend and chimney sweep, Bert, played by Katie Billings.

After another spectacular song on the roof-tops with the chimney sweeps of London, the children return home to their father, who receives an angry phone call from his bosses at the bank. After being dismissed by the bank’s seniors, Mr Banks has a change of heart, quoting the famous ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ and telling his boss a joke, before returning home to his children to really enjoy life.

With her work done, Mary Poppins flies away, with Bert bidding her farewell and telling her not to stay away too long.
All of the performers did a fantastic job and audiences were delighted with each and every song.

Mary Poppins Cast

Special thanks goes to Mrs Ruth Cole and Mrs Alison Sullivan for producing and directing the play, Mrs A Downing for choreography, Mrs H Vlassis and Mrs J Wimbleton for designing and creating the costumes, Stamford Products and Scott for the backdrop and all of the parents who helped with hair and make-up.

To see more photographs from the Mary Poppins production, please visit out Flickr account.