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Pre-Reception fall in love with their new Nursery building

New Nursery building

Stockport Grammar School’s youngest pupils moved into their brand new building straight after the Easter break and we can happily say they are delighted with the facilities!

The single storey Pre-Reception Nursery building is within the grounds of the Junior School. With large bi-fold doors, the new development links the inside and the outside enabling the children to fully embrace outdoor learning whilst at the same time benefitting from high quality teaching from fully qualified teachers and Nursery assistants.

The boys and girls were very excited at the start of the week to explore their new surroundings.

With the sun shining brightly, the children got their wellies on and headed outside to discover the wide range of activities on offer. They built sand castles, mixed mud, shared stories, splashed around with the water equipment, ran up the mini-hill and made their way through the tunnel with delight.

Early in the week, the pupils found a brilliant bike track around the back of the building and promptly set up their own traffic light system and patrols.

They then discovered the tree trunks and enjoyed sharing the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ amongst their very own tall trees.

It didn’t take long for the children to adapt to all of the different areas of their indoor classroom where they are able to develop their learning. One of the pupils was delighted to find that a hose moved onto the water wheel and made a huge splash and they followed this up by making the water flow down so that all of the children could sail boats along the ramp.

After resuming their swimming lessons in the pool on Thursday, the children headed back to their new classroom to enjoy more of the work and play stations.

During the week, Junior School Headmaster Mr Copping, Mrs Noble and Mrs Turner paid a surprise visit at story time to deliver presents for the pupils to open – three brand new story books!

The books were ‘How Do You Make a Rainbow’ by Caroline Crowe, ‘Just One Of Those Days’ by Jill Murphy and ‘Cyril And Pat’ by Emily Garrett and the boys and girls are looking forward to sharing these stories.

The Pre-Reception staff noted that, with the sun shining all week, they could not have had a more wonderful welcome to their new setting and Zaki A summed everything up by saying: “I love it, it’s our yellow classroom!”