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Psychology pupils study science of dance

Pupils dancing at science and psychology event

A day spent with leading psychologists, neuroscientists and hypnotists let our sixth form Psychology pupils delve further into the subject – and even had them on their feet for a dance.

Pupils were on their feet during a talk by Dr Peter “Dr Dance” Lovatt, who explained how movement influences the way in which people solve problems and demonstrated how the way you move is influenced by your hormonal and genetic makeup.

Science of laughter

Later on in the day, professor and occasional standup comedian Sophie Scott explored the science of laughter, and a team of experts examined the boundaries between science and pseudoscience.

“Amazed and intrigued”

The event, held at Lancashire County Cricket Club, ended with a demonstration from world-famous hypnotist Andrew Newton, which Psychology teacher Mr Nigel Browne admitted “amazed and intrigued everyone – even the sceptics among us!”

Mr Browne added that the day had been really useful in explaining the science behind psychology:

Everyone came away from the day with renewed interest in the subject and the range of behaviours that can be explained psychologically.