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Pupil survey results published

Pupils laughing in classroom

During the 2013 spring term, Senior School pupils took part in a survey carried out by RSAcademics. The pupils were asked for their views on all aspects of life at Stockport Grammar School.

RSAcademics found that “Pupils view Stockport Grammar School as a friendly, safe community of which they are very proud to be part. Pupils believe the academic standards of the School are high and feel they make good academic progress. Additionally, pupils believe there are good opportunities to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities and clubs.” Their survey found that “There are many areas about which pupils are very enthusiastic”.

The most popular words which the pupils chose to describe Stockport Grammar School were “academic”, “sporty”, “rounded” and “welcoming”.

90% of the children rated the standard of teaching as “very high”, 94% think there is a good choice of clubs and activities and 98% said they had made good friends at school.

The survey was administered and analysed independently by RSAcademics to ensure that all responses remained confidential and anonymous.

Pupil comments

A selection of the pupils’ comments:

SGS is a very welcoming school, and I feel that I am doing very well here. The teachers are very encouraging, and are always there if you are stuck. The range of sports, clubs, music bands, and extra-curricular activities is enormous. SGS is a great school to be at, and I am proud to be there.

First year

Stockport Grammar is a very kind place and made it easy for me to settle in and make new friends.

First year

It is an excellent school to go to and I am having a lot of fun here as well as getting a great education in all subjects.

Second year

It is a great school, and you can fit in coming from any background.

Third year

I am enjoying Stockport Grammar School and I would like to continue into the sixth form to enable me to get into a good university.

Fourth year

It’s a brilliant place to go and I am thoroughly enjoying my experience here.

Fourth year

I think Stockport Grammar is an amazing school and offers so many opportunities for all pupils to achieve their best. There is a general structured feeling around the school ensuring everyone works hard and creates a sense that people strive for a good work ethic. The school prepares you well for future life in university or jobs by introducing the active learning process to get you involved in wanting to learn more or having to do things for yourself.

Fifth year

SGS is a fantastic school which builds confidence and supports its student throughout.

Lower sixth

The school is a great community with a sense of belonging for students, everyone is respected and has the opportunity to excel.

Upper sixth

Thank you to all the pupils who contributed to the survey; their responses are helping the school as it plans for the future.