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Pupils czech out businesses on trip to Prague

13 Sixth Form Economics and Business Studies pupils visited Prague for an interesting and insightful five day trip to see how businesses on the continent operate.

After arriving in the capital of the Czech Republic on the evening of the first day, the group got their bearings and ate dinner in the hotel where they had cake to celebrate three of the pupils having 18th birthdays during the trip.

The second day saw the pupils visit Rückl Crystal Glassworks, a family-run business that was set up in 1846 and which focuses on exclusive hand-made production. The group got to see how the glass is made and some of them tried their hand at glass blowing. They rounded off the day with a guided walking tour of Prague, where they witnessed some wonderful views, and a game of bowling.

A tour of the Škoda Factory kicked off day three and the pupils were impressed to learn about the 850 different stages of the production line and that a new car comes off the line every 59 seconds! They also looked around the car maker’s museum and saw some of their classic designs and products.

In the afternoon the group walked around Prague’s Old Town before boarding a boat for a river cruise with dinner in the evening.

The next day the travelling party took a tour of the Kozel Brewery to see how they operated. The brewery are now owned by Pilsner after being owned by the state during the communist regime and some of the group were surprised to learn that they only export 10% of their total production.

The thirteen strong group then visited the Nový Smíchov Shopping Centre in the afternoon before taking part in a spooky ghost and legend tour at night.

After checking out of the hotel on the last day, the Sixth Formers visited the Museum of Communism – a museum dedicated to presenting an account of the post–World War Two Communist regime in Czechoslovakia in general and Prague in particular. By looking at a range of artefacts, archive photographs, artworks, historical documents and large scale installations they got to take a peek at life behind the Iron Curtain.

Speaking about their experience in Prague, Max Jackson and James Fleming said: “It really helped to deepen our understanding of the subject and will help us with our Economics exam in the summer.

“We enjoyed learning about the specialisation of labour at the Skoda Factory and the fringe benefits the workers receive.”

Miss Leanne Curl, Head of Business Studies and Economics, added: “This was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to visit a variety of businesses and contextualise a range of topics covered during Business and Economics lessons. The business visits were fascinating and I am sure that the pupils will have some long lasting memories to take from the trip!”

Miss Curl would like to thank Adaptable Travel for their help with organising the trip.