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Pupils get into their STRIDE during dance workshops

Boys in both the junior and senior school were put through their paces as they took part in dance workshops thanks to STRIDE, a Greater Manchester dance project for young men aged between 10-20 years old.

Year six boys jumped, glided and rolled their way over the junior school hall under the direction of a professional male dancer.

He encouraged pupils to move around the space with speed and precision and promoted strength, trust and agility as they performed exercises supporting a dance partner’s weight.

It was not just their bodies that got a workout, the boys had to use their creativity as they worked together to make different vehicles with just the shape and adaptability of their bodies.

In the senior school, pupils from first, second and third year got active in the Pavilion Gym. The boys were given a number of exercises that tested their flexibility, energy and mental agility.

Speaking about the workshops, dance teacher Mrs Abi Downing said: “It was great to welcome STRIDE into the school, giving our boys the opportunity to see a professional male dancer at work. The pupils really immersed themselves in the experience and I am looking forward to providing some more opportunities for boys to dance in school.”

Both girls and boys have regular opportunities to enjoy dance in school as part of the co-curricular programme and in PE lessons.

STRIDE is a project by Dance Manchester in partnership with Company Chameleon.