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Pupils have an ace time in Aachen

42 second year pupils travelled to the German city of Aachen to visit the famous Christmas markets and practise their language skills.

The pupils spent a weekend travelling to and experiencing the unique festive atmosphere at the city’s brightly lit Christmas market which is set around the cathedral and town hall.

As well as testing their language skills talking to the stall holders, the boys and girls visited a traditional café where teachers encouraged them to ask for their hot drinks in German. They also enhanced their understanding of the language by competing in a treasure hunt around the town.

The travelling party toured the Old Town where they learned more about the stunning buildings and architecture of the country’s westernmost city before crossing the Belgian border for food and a game of bowling.

Pupil Gabriel Keeble really enjoyed his time in Aachen: “It was an amazing trip, the best I have been on. It was fun from start to finish and I got to speak to a lot of different people.

“I enjoyed going round the shops and markets and the cathedral was great with its huge stained glass windows. It was also good to speak to the local people, who were really nice, in their own language.”