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Pupils relish return of the sporting season

Rugby players take part in a training session

Active pupils at Stockport Grammar have loved pulling on their kit and getting back out on to the courts and pitches during co-curricular sports clubs and Games lessons.

In adherence to government guidelines, sports are taking place in year group bubbles and pupils have thoroughly thrown themselves into the action under the guidance of our enthusiastic, conscientious and experienced Sport, PE, Health and Fitness department.

In the Senior School, co-curricular sports clubs currently take place after school and on Saturday mornings. Netball, hockey and rugby players diligently follow the protocols that are in place as they are put through drills to improve their skills, movement and teamwork.

Swimming, golf, kayaking and climbing are also some of the clubs on offer.

See the full list. We will add before school and lunchtime clubs to this list once circumstances allow.

In the Junior School the younger pupils also have the chance to discover and enhance their love for a sport. Co-curricular sports clubs include football, netball, cross country, rugby and hockey and the children are encouraged to learn more about the sport and develop their burgeoning skills.

You can find the full list of Junior School co-curricular clubs on the Outside The Classroom page.

Specialist staff

The Sport, PE, Health and Fitness department have an ambition to involve and improve everyone – encouraging them to ‘be the best you can be’ – and to generate a positive, lifelong relationship with exercise.

Teachers and specialist coaches with professional qualifications provide expertise for pupils of all ages, preparing them to achieve further athlete development and set high expectations.

Pupils are encouraged to learn sport in a motivating, happy and safe environment which nurtures a culture of learning, development and bettering yourself in every session.

Visit the Sport, PE, Health and Fitness department page to find out more.