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Record breaking rower delivers inspiring Shaa lecture

Sixth Form pupils welcomed world record breaker Kiko Matthews to the school for another fascinating Shaa lecture.

In March 2018, Kiko Matthews became the fastest woman to cross the Atlantic ocean as a solo rower and has since then gone on to successfully take part in a five day, 260km run across the Wadi Rum Desert.

Speaking to pupils in the Main Hall, Kiko gave a lively talk to encourage them to overcome any challenges that they face in life by utilising the power of collaboration, community and resilience.

In 2009 Kiko was diagnosed with Cushings Disease, a rare and life-threatening condition which causes tumours on the pituitary gland – the gland that controls the body’s hormone production.

After having successful brain surgery to remove a tumour, Kiko was motivated to overcome her own challenges and focus on helping people and the planet.

Pupils learned about the importance of mental and physical wellness as well as the significance of collaboration to reach their full potential.

Following the talk, pupils had the opportunity to ask questions, these ranged from how to sustain motivation to how she felt rowing the Atlantic.

The next challenge for Kiko will be in 2019 when she and 12 other volunteers will cycle 6,700km around the coast of the UK to help build communities against plastic.

Upper Sixth pupil Daisy Deaville said: “It was great to have Kiko Matthews in to speak to us. The way in which she twice overcame life-threatening illness to then set an amazing world record has shown me that we can overcome so many obstacles that are in our path.”