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Roman Mysteries author visit marks a very busy book week

Roman Mysteries author Caroline Lawrence with pupils

A visit from Roman Mysteries author Caroline Lawrence was one of the many highlights of Stockport Grammar School’s book week, held last week to help mark World Book Day 2011.

Caroline was in school to give our first year pupils a captivating talk about life in the times of Ancient Rome, her books and travels, as well as to share her secrets on how to write a gripping story – all introduced by the Classics club’s dramatisation of The Secrets of Vesuvius.

Unfortunately an injured arm meant that Caroline was unable to sign any books, but pupils could still get their copies branded with her stamp, custom made for her forthcoming Western Mysteries series.

Elsewhere during a busy Book Week, the reading group discussed Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, a lunchtime book swap helped keen readers exchange their old books for new, and pupils headed to paparazzi corner to be snapped with a book for the reading collage displayed on the library window.

English classes from the first year through to the third year got involved too as they competed in the library treasure hunt to win the bounty of a book of choice for each member of the winning team, while during form registration pupils took part in quizzes and watched video clips on the intranet of their friends and teachers recommending books.

With competitions to enter, raffles to win e-readers and, of course, plenty of books to read, there was the opportunity for everybody to get involved, but a note sent to the library as the week drew to a close summed it all up best: “2U’s contribution to your wonderful book week: we’ve really enjoyed it.”