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Sporting stars display athletic prowess

Pupils in both the Junior and Senior Schools demonstrated their impressive sporting ability during the annual Sports Day and Inter-House Athletics events.

Junior School Sports Days

Junior School children benefited from glorious weather during their Sport Days.

There was plenty of competition both on the track and in the field events and many children experienced success – either in victory or with justifiable pride that they knew they had done their best.

After the morning events for Years Five and Six, Arden were holding the lead with Vernon in second, Nicholson in third and Warren fourth. The afternoon events for Years Three and Four swung heavily in favour of Warren with Nicholson, Vernon and Arden trailing in their wake.

In the Infants competition Vernon just pipped Arden to top spot with Nicholson in third and Warren fourth.

When all of the results were collated Arden were crowned winners.

Thank you to the Stopfordian Parents’ Association volunteers for their hard work during the two Sports Days. Not only did they keep everyone fed and watered, they also raised £788 towards school funds.

The results from the days were:

Arden Nicholson Vernon Warren
Infants 337 286 341 256
Years Three and Four 307 360 343 477
Years Five and Six 540 426 473 412
Total 1184 1072 1157 1145
Position 1st 4th 2nd 3rd


Senior School’s Inter-House Athletics

The sun tried its best to shine for this year’s Senior School Inter-House Athletics meaning that pupils were able to exhibit their impressive athletic skills and have fun.

Pupils took part in a range of events on the track and in the field including high jump, long jump, javelin, relay races and running races.

Nicholson were named the overall winners with the girls and boys scoring particularly well in the track events which included 1500m, 400m and 100m races.

Defending winner Warren came in a close second with the girls and boys showing true determination and skill throughout the track and field events. Arden finished third whilst Vernon ended up in fourth position.

Warren’s Megan Callaghan won the Senior Victrix Ludorum whilst Aiden Hall from Warren and Dylan Roberts from Nicholson shared the Senior Victor Ludorum.

The full results from the day were:

Arden Nicholson Vernon Warren
Boys’ Field 44 66 46 57
Boys’ Track 58 82 58 65
Boys’ Total 102 148 104 122
Fallows 3 12 6 9
Girls’ Field 56½ 59 45½ 45
Girls’ Track 65 54 58 73
Girls’ Total 121½ 113 103½ 118
Fallows 12 6 3 9
Overall Total 223½ 261 207½ 240
Total Fallows 15 18 9 18


Fallows points relate to the annual overall House competition which features a range of activities and sports.