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STEM excellence on show at K’NEX workshops

Year Five pupils enjoyed testing their engineering and programming skills during interactive and animated K’NEX workshops.

The sessions, which were delivered by STEMworks scientist Simon Kettle, started off with the girls and boys identifying the huge variety of engineering careers that are available. They then considered the question ‘Are computers good or bad?’.

The first hands-on task was to build and develop their prototype Ferris wheel, ensuring that lights flashed and the motor ran to accelerate, decelerate and reverse the direction of the ride.

The next challenge was for the participants to use what they had learned to meet the design criteria and be creative, developing their own ride and include music in the programming.

The pupils had a great day working as a team and experimenting with different techniques and it gave them a valuable insight into how computer programming and engineering are used in our daily lives.

Finn M said: “The best part of the day was the tricky challenge of making the motor work and designing the wheel.”

Julia T added: “It was amazing to do something that I wouldn’t normally do in school, especially because I love programming.”