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STEM learning inspires Juniors

Pupils from Year Two and Year Six enjoyed taking part in engaging, educational and fun Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) workshops delivered by STEMworks.

Year Two STEM Day

Year Two pupils learnt how to construct chicken and cat robots.

STEMworks’ Mr Simon Kettle explained about the value of technology in our world and how coding helps objects to move.

The children then worked with a partner to create their robots and proceeded to code their machines to make them move, dance, flash their eyes and even detect a visitor.

The children used advanced coding skills – which impressed their teachers Mrs Lisa Turner and Mrs Neelum Hurst – and were delighted with the moveable results.

Pupil Luca H said: “I felt fascinated when the iPad controlled the robots’ movements,” Matthew M added: “We programmed the robots to move forwards and to turn and to go backwards,” whilst Gene M concluded: “It was amazing.”

Year Six Lego STEM Workshops

Seventy four Year Six pupils demonstrated a range of skills including creativity, planning and teamwork as they took part in a number of challenges.

Under the careful supervision of Mr Kettle, the children had the opportunity to program Lego robots and compete in the Ultimate BP STEM Challenge where they designed their own pieces of ‘wearable’ tech.

The pupils came up with innovative solutions to problems during both of the activities and it was a great test of their abilities.