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Stopfordians 5-14 Norbury

Typical late November conditions prevailed at this round robin cup fixture. Darkness began to set in from the very start, as if Wuthering Heights, Yorkshire had been transposed to Jackson’s Edge, Disley. The passion was still there, but, as in the recent film, some of the performances lacked conviction.

Passing and finishing were not up to the standard that Stops are capable of, and given the amount of possession that Norbury controlled it was an achievement to restrict them to 14 goals.

The five that Stops scored were all well executed, and if results were judged by the quality and not the quantity of goals, Stops could have felt reasonably satisfied.

Norbury kept up the pressure in all parts of the field, and Stops did not manage to keep possession of the ball for long enough to have any serious impact on the opponents from “down the road”.

The defence was looking vulnerable in the second and third quarters as loose marking provided Norbury with a number of scoring opportunities. But in the last quarter Stops put in a better defensive display and ended the game looking like a team with determination and distinctly less gloomy prospects than the darkening hills around them.