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Talent shines at the Lower School Concert

Glorious weather and a light-hearted programme allowed younger musicians in the Senior School the opportunity to show what they are able to do at the Lower School Concert.

The fun and relaxed show, which took place in the first week back after the half-term break, kicked off with Mr Kennedy’s Junior Band providing a lively rendition of ‘Thriller’ before performing the aptly named ‘Costa del Sol’!

Matthew Howling gave an excellent performance of ‘Over The Hills And Far Away’ on the clarinet, particularly because he played the piece entirely from memory.

Next up were the String Orchestra, led by Mrs Matthews. Oscar Williams had transcribed a version of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ for the group with Gabriel Keeble singing the solo line and the superb performance was much appreciated by the audience. The group also played three traditional English Ayres.

Daniel Vincent, who has just passed his Grade 8 with distinction, performed a solo piece on the drum kit, impressing everyone with his technical virtuosity and flair.

Mr Moore’s Beginner Brass Group then took the stage with performances of ‘Ready to Rock’ and ‘Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho’ before Talia Zelhof, who has a Grade 6 oboe distinction, performed the hauntingly beautiful ‘2nd Movement of Saint Saens Oboe Sonata’.

The concert then came to a spectacular conclusion with the Junior Chamber Choir performing three songs from ‘The Greatest Showman’, showing that the Music Department is equally adept at providing both modern and classic musical options for our talented musicians to perform.