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Thunderous applause as dancers delight audience

‘SGS Loves Dance’ saw beginners and experienced dancers enjoy performing in front of an enthusiastic audience in an evening of impressive solo, duet and group pieces.

With styles ranging from contemporary to hip hop and tap, the Dance Show was directed by the school’s Teacher of Dance, Mrs Abi Downing, and many of the pieces had been devised by the pupils themselves.

Featuring 18 members of Street Jazz Dance Club, ‘Feel it Still’ was the perfect up-tempo opening to an energetic evening; followed by a contemporary solo by Kate Holme to ‘Say Something’. A tap solo by Fiona Telfer to ‘On Top of the World’ provided another contrasting style while the next piece, ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’, was choreographed by the pupils, demonstrating the breadth of their talent.

‘You Don’t Own Me’ drew on previous work in the Dance curriculum inspired by the fashion industry, with the Fourth Year Games Group using Parris Goebel’s choreography to re-create the 2015 House of Fraser Christmas Advert.

A First Year group were full of confidence as they took to the stage to perform a lyrical piece, ‘Fighters’, which they had devised themselves while Hip Hop duet ‘The Rumble’ by Hayley Collins and Shreya Lapsia had the audience clapping along. In ‘Drifting Away’, the Fifth Year Games Group drew on themes of ‘sleepwalking’, ‘caring for each other’ and ‘drifting away’ to create duos and trios with a sense of relationship.

The Intermediate and Advanced Club had devised their tap piece to ‘Another Day Of Sun’, which featured in between solos by Emily Butler in ‘Fly’ and Sophia Fanigliulo-Vlassis in ‘Sing Sing Sing’.

The Beginners/Intermediate Contemporary Club performed an elegant dance, ‘Snow Globe’, inspired by the idea of being the characters trapped within a snow globe – peaceful, constricted, sometimes shaken up and subject to the gaze of others. Cam Wylie followed with an impressive solo which belied its title, ‘Sedated’.

Seventeen members of the First Year Dance Club made a dynamic debut on the stage with a fast paced performance of ‘No Excuses’ before a duet by Maddy Evans and Kate Holme to ‘Nothing’s Changed’. Two of the First Years, Molly Coghlan and Tilly Wolstenholme, returned to the stage for their duet, ‘Lost Without You’.

The Inter/Advanced Dance Club closed the show with ‘A Chorus Line’ before the whole cast returned for the finale and well-deserved thunderous applause.