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Treasured memories and stunning sights on scuba diving trip

Over the Easter holidays, 15 pupils took up the opportunity to travel to the Spanish island of Lanzarote to take part in a certified PADI diving course which allows them to dive anywhere in the world.

This was the school’s first dedicated scuba diving trip and it was a resounding success which not only gave the pupils a qualification but provided them with memories to be treasured.

The diving course provided essential training for the pupils to become safe and certified divers and also gave them the opportunity to experience the incredible range of marine life in the seas around Lanzarote.

For Fourth Year Kate Holme it was a dream come true when she saw a shark on one of her dives. Pupils commented that they were amazed at the new wonders they encountered on each dive with octopuses, stingray and barracuda being spotted.

The instruction on the course was of an extremely high standard and the instructors excelled at presenting targeted challenges each day to develop each individual diver. Pupil Daniel Grant commented: “The instructors were incredible and we formed really strong bonds with them.”

The weather for the week was particularly beautiful for the time of year and the hotel pool was put to good use. The group took every opportunity to relax and experience all that Lanzarote had to offer with visits to various restaurants to sample the local food with tastes that many of the pupils had never experienced before.

On the last day the group were rewarded for all their hard work on their diving course with a celebratory barbeque where they were presented with their certificates and licences.

The diving was an obvious highlight for all the pupils but for many of them the memories have been made even more special because of the friendships that were forged over the week, with Kate commenting that she had “made friends for life”.