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TV star baker judges annual bake off

Great British Bake Off finalist Luis Troyano paid a visit to judge the annual house baking contest.

Luis, from Poynton, was runner up in the BBC One reality show in 2014. He was awarded the coveted Star Baker title in the third round of the competition which focused on speciality bread.

Luis chose Third Year pupils Lucy Snell and Sana Ahmed, representing Vernon, as overall winners when he sampled their ice cream themed cake which included three different toppings – chocolate orange cream, Oreo cookie cream and Malteaser cream.

Luis, who is due to open his own bake house in Poynton later this year, said: “The flavours on the winning cake were incredible. The chocolate orange cream is the best I’ve ever tasted. When it comes to baking, design is one thing but it is great flavour that sells.”

Vernon also took third place, Nicholson took second and fifth place, Arden took fourth and sixth place while Warren clinched the seventh and eighth spots.

Luis also spent time helping pupils with some of the more complex baking techniques, such as decorative icing, using chocolate to stick different parts of the cake together and creating caramel shards for a volcano cake.