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William wows in theatre role

Second Year pupil William Woodside has earned rave reviews for his portrayal of Billy Casper in a brilliant production of “Kes”.

William impressed audiences at Hyde’s Little Theatre as he took part in a production of the iconic 1970’s film.

Reviewing the production for the Tameside Reporter, Matt Hewitt wrote: “William was simply outstanding in the role. His ability to connect with the audience showed maturity beyond his years and the ovation he received at the end was fully justified in a stunning display”.

About “Kes”

“Kes” is a drama film directed by Ken Loach which is based on the 1968 novel A Kestrel for a Knave, written by author Barry Hines.

The film centres on Billy Casper who is bullied both at home and at school. He has difficulty paying attention in school and is often provoked into tussles with classmates but he finds a positive outlet through training a kestrel that he takes from a farm. As the relationship between Billy and “Kes”, the kestrel, improves during the training, so does Billy’s outlook and horizons.