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World Book Day celebrations

World Book Day Paintings

To celebrate World Book Day, pupils all over the school have been partaking in different activities to help encourage a love of reading.

Junior school pupils are studying Tuesday by David Weisner, a book that explores strange happenings on a Tuesday night where frogs on lily-pads lift off into the air and fly into a nearby town causing havoc.

Whilst Pre-Reception pupils are focusing on magic frogs and what would happen if they kissed a magic frog, Reception and Junior School pupils have been investigating a crime scene filled with lily-pads. Pupils were encouraged to interview witnesses and take notes that would help them analyse what had happened, find clues around the scene and then write up their findings.

World Book Day Crime Scene

Year 1 were very excited when they arrived at school to find the crime scene. The children became detectives for the day, making police badges, completing warrant cards, taking notes on their pocket notebooks, and completing evidence forms. They also made some green frog slime and extended their knowledge of time learning about Roman numerals on a clock, analogue and digital times and the meaning of AM and PM.

In the afternoon, pupils then painted their own frog scenes, with some spectacular results. Pupils learned how to use watercolours to help their subject stand out from the background, and even created some 3D art pieces too.

World Book Day Year 5s

Working on a particular page from Tuesday the pupils then wrote their own pieces of text that helped to describe the scene, using descriptive and informative words. Year 6 pupils worked on a more advanced writing style, using poetry and rhyming couplets focusing on imagery and figurative language. Other pupils made newspaper front covers for the strange event and recorded news broadcasts describing the happenings.

Ahead of World Book Day, Senior School pupils welcomed author Bryony Pearce who gave an inspiring talk on the joy of reading and pupils were able to meet the author at a book signing in the school library.

On World Book Day itself, seniors enjoyed a book swap, sale and cake sale to raise funds for Book Aid International and Educaid. In total, pupils raised a total of £148.

To continually support the Senior pupils in their reading, the library run a Book Club for different age groups where they discuss different books in detail. Lower school pupils can attend every yellow Wednesday at 1pm in the library. This runs alongside regular author visits and special themed events such as Harry Potter day, Book Matchmaking on Valentine’s Day and Literacy festivals.