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Year Four time travellers explore ancient York

Boys and girls in Year Four experienced life as a prehistoric settler and a Roman on their residential trip to Murton Park in York.

The pupils donned tunics and cloaks to spend the day on a purpose built prehistoric settlement where they experienced first-hand the life of a small community at the dawn of history.

Working in the village to make clay pots and grinding wheat, or out in the fields to till the soil, the pupils learned new skills and all about the hard work and dangers that were part of everyday life.

The group then sat down for tea after working up an appetite playing outside the Racecourse accommodation in the evening sun. The night culminated with a host of Roman themed activities which included handling artefacts and making a model ballista or catapult.

On the second day, the pupils got to wear full Roman armour to practise being guards. They also made a Roman soldier’s dice game and wrote in Latin.

Their soldier training set them up well when a Celt came to try and raid their fort, with the children perfectly performing the testudo to send him packing!

Pupil Charlotte Underwood loved making clay pots and learning how to go to battle as a Roman whilst James Pullen enjoyed the whole experience of being away from home and staying overnight with his friends.

Yasmine Zaki enjoyed the busy and informative trip and for her the best part was “being a Stone Age person, especially learning to hunt animals.”