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Year Six pupils inspired by positions of responsibility

2020 Junior School Head Girl, Head Boy and House Captains

The Junior School is committed to developing skills of citizenship, personal responsibility and care for one another within its pupils and every Year Six child is given the chance to apply to become a Prefect.

Pupils thrive on the opportunity to lead by example and this year’s contingent are looking forward to being role models for children in all year groups.

Head Boy and Head Girl

Each year up to three Head Boys and three Head Girls are selected – one pair per term. The Head Boy and Head Girl for the Autumn term are Finn R and Charlotte U.

House Captains

Generally, one boy and one girl from each of the school’s four Houses are chosen to be a House Captain on a termly basis.

The House Captains for the Autumn term are:

  • Arden: Jasper H and Yasmine Z
  • Nicholson: Archie M and Lola F
  • Vernon: Lucas S and Erin R
  • Warren: Finn M and Sadie-May F

Their main responsibilities include assisting staff in the lining up process at the end of playtime and being involved House activities such as sporting events, musical events and fundraising events.


The role of a Prefect is offered to all Year Six pupils and is awarded following application. A Prefect’s responsibility may include things such as helping in the Dining Hall with younger children, logging on computers and tablets to aid the teacher delivering the next lesson and feeding and checking the stick insects in the Science Room.

The list of Prefects for the 2020-2021 academic year are: Jonathan J, Zack J, Neave S, Ella H, Sophia M, Robert L, Florence B, David A, Noah M-E, Stanley D, Emily R, Freya I, Sophia SC, Pearl W, Maya G, Joshua H-H, James P, Aniya R-P, Charlotte S, Mina F, Rebecca C, Zahira T ,Ethan T, Ted D, Jennifer G, Priya M and Evelyn T.

Speaking about the appointments, Junior School Headmaster Mr Matthew Copping said: “We are absolutely delighted to announce our Head Boy, Head Girl and House Captains for this term.

“The children holding these roles will change each term in order to enable a greater number of children to take on additional responsibility. We are very much looking forward to working with the children and supporting them in their new roles.”