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Year Six step back in time at Staircase House

Year Six children enjoyed a memorable and hands-on trip to Staircase House as they learnt more about the house, Stockport’s history, the school’s founder and the origins of the school’s Houses.

At Staircase House they delved into the past of Stockport’s oldest town house, discovered how our ancestors lived from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries, learnt how the house was brought back to life after a devastating fire and marvelled at the stunning Jacobean cage-newel staircase.

The hands-on sessions saw them explore real and replica artefacts and make a three-in-one medicine! Viola P said: “Using herbs, we made a three-in-one medicine out of cloves (to ease toothache), ginger (for sickness) and ground mint (to cure a tummy ache)!”

The pupils then explored the town as they visited the market, Lancashire Bridge and St Mary’s Church – where they found out more about the school’s founder Edmond Shaa.

They also ventured to locations with connections to the school’s Houses – the Arden Arms, Vernon Street and Warren Street. The pupils were even invited into the Natwest bank when the Branch Manager saw them outside and gave them insight into working in a bank (the bank is located in Underbank Hall, a former home of the Arden family).

Viola P said: concluded: “The trip to Staircase House was so fun and interesting and I will always remember it.”