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Year Two get arty after Lowry visit

Year Two artists were inspired to be creative following a visit to The Lowry at Salford Quays.

During the trip they looked around the gallery, learnt some facts about L.S. Lowry and observed some of the equipment the famous artist actually used.

The boys and girls enjoyed a workshop session which included using techniques like stippling and using dots for crowds and freckles, cross making, drawing with a rubber for light and shade and smudging for tone.

They also had the opportunity to try and draw a line and then wash with a water soluble pen to create a sense of atmosphere.

The day was rounded off with a 30 second and one minute drawing exercise where they had to look at the subject, not their paper, and draw without removing the pencil.

Back in school, the hallway outside the Year Two classrooms features two displays of Lowry inspired portraits and pupils also donned aprons and got hold of paintbrushes as they had a go at mixing colours after learning that Lowry only ever used five colours and had to mix them to get other colours.

A number of pupils were also able to see up close prints by L.S. Lowry with his original signature. The prints were purchased by a parent at an auction at The Tate.

Speaking about the experience, pupil Elijah C said: “I liked the trip to the Lowry, it was great fun as I like to draw,” whilst Azaan A added: “I loved the drawings on the walls, especially ‘The Man With Red Eyes’.”

George M remarked: “My favourite Lowry is the football picture,” and Lily R concluded: “From looking at Lowry’s pictures, he was very talented!”