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We have compiled a range of short films and presentations to help you gain an insight into the fantastic teaching, facilities and co-curricular activities that create the unique environment that inspires our pupils.

Academic ambition, exceptional pastoral care and opportunities beyond the classroom. Discover how SGS inspires.

Get a unique insight into SGS Sport with our highlights video and introduction from Director of Sport Mr Thomson.

Welcome to the Music Department, hear from Director of Music, Mr Dow about the exceptional musical opportunities at SGS.

Welcome to the English Department. Hear from Head of English, Mrs Cope and some of our First Year pupils about studying English at SGS and Harry Potter Club.

Head of Maths, Mr Greig Frankland introduces you to Maths at SGS plus a chance to take part in a maths relay.

Welcome to the Drama department. Hear from Director of Drama, Mr King-Sayce and some of our pupils about studying Drama and the SGS productions.

Welcome to the Biology Department. Mr Allen introduces Biology at SGS, Second Years show you a fun experiment you can try at home and First Years welcome you to Animal Club.

Welcome to the Chemistry Department. Dr Annie Glarvey introduces Chemistry at SGS. Pupils show you fun experiments from Lower School Chemistry Club as well as some you can try at home.

Welcome to the Physics Department. Head of Department, Mrs Fenton introduces Physics at SGS. Pupils share some interesting experiments you can try at home.

Find out more about our new Sixth Form social and study spaces.

Take a look at the fantastic facilities that support our pupils’ learning inside and outside the classroom.