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Second Year Options Evening

We ask Second Year pupils to make some option choices for Third Year. Pupils study the whole curriculum, as lots of subjects remain compulsory, but they do have choice in some areas.
Subject choices in Third Year mean that pupils can spend more time on those subjects they enjoy most, and therefore be better prepared for GCSE study.

The full list of subject options is below along with presentations by each department to provide information to help you make your course choices. The Options Booklet explains the Third Year course in each subject and the presentations give an insight into continuing subjects at GCSE.

We hope that you will enjoy your Second Year Options Event, the event begins with important messages from Mrs Lawson and Mrs Harris. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your subject options, as always your Form Tutors are available to assist and Parents’ Evening takes place on the 24th February when subject teachers will be happy to answer any further questions about their courses.

Second Year Options Booklet 2021

Head of Lower School, Mrs Helen Lawson welcomes you to the Second Year Options Event.

Senior Deputy Head (Academic) Mrs Donna Harris talks you through the options process in this presentation.

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